History of Nissan

Nissan has demonstrated a commitment to innovation since the company's founding in 1933. Not only are Datsuns the first mass-produced Japanese vehicles, their unique, automotive style makes a major impact on the U.S. market when Datsun sedans and compact pickups are first imported in the late '50s.

1933 - Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., is established in Japan.

1937 - The Nissan Datsun Type 15 is the first mass-produced Japanese vehicle. Other Type 15 models a new mini-pickup and delivery van.

1958 - The first Datsun sedan arrives in the United States. The strong, heavy 1200 Sedan packs a 48-hp 1200-cc engine encased in thick body panels.

1959 - The first Datsun compact pickup is sold in America. Originally it used an imported 37-hp 1000-cc engine, the upgraded model features a 48-hp 1200-cc version. This quarter-ton pickup firmly establishes Datsun in the American market.

1914 - The first Datsun is built.

60’s - Toward the end of this decade of change, Nissan has built a strong reputation in both the American and the Japanese markets. The Datsun 2000 roadster, valued both for its style and performance, becomes synonymous with early Nissan design. Soon after, the Datsun "Z" changes the way people think of sports cars.

1960 - Nissan Motor Corporation U.S.A. (NMC) is established in Gardena, California. The model year witnesses the birth of Datsun's first sports car, the SPL 210. This high, narrow, 4-seat roadster features a fold down soft top with side curtains, "4 on the floor," and a 48-hp 1200-cc engine (soon replaced by an 85-hp version).